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Video Analytics Architecture and Intelligent IP Cameras at the Edge.

By Rich McClellan and Jerry Wesley


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Video Analytics in Action

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Apollo Imaging Technologies designs, licenses and manufactures advanced video analytics platforms based upon industry leading Texas Instruments Digital Media Processors.  

Apollo Cameras are suited to applications where image processing is required in the camera.  The Apollo product replaces a conventional camera, PC, frame grabber, and associated cables, power supplies, etc., all in the space of a typical industrial camera.  With Power Over Ethernet (POE), the total connection to the Apollo Camera can be a simple as an Ethernet cable. Smaller, cheaper, more reliable and lower power.

Apollo products are oriented towards the OEM; these are not end user products.   Our products are ideal for the video analytics OEM whose intellectual property is primarily in the image processing arena, as opposed to high performance image processing hardware development.

AIT products are both development platforms and  stand-alone intelligent vision systems ready for your smart application, analytics or off-the-shelf compression algorithms. Composite Video,  Megapixel, high speed or System-On-Chip Sensors video input options are combined with 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, USB 2.0, RS-232/RS-422, Audio in, Composite Video out, and General Purpose I/O, all housed in single compact 46 cubic inch metal case. 

An SDK with a complete Board Support Package, including a JPEG encoder and a Windows client, is available to speed development.

For production, you can use the package as is, or Apollo Imaging will design a custom version to your specifications.

Fire, Smoke and Intrusion Detection

   axonX's new, stand-alone IP network camera embeds the powerful SigniFire™ detection algorithms onto a digital signal processing (DSP) video chip. Fire, smoke, and intrusion detection analytics reside on the camera, pushing event detection to the edge of the network. When an alarm condition is met, an alarm file is created and sent to a remote monitoring station operating SpyderGuard™.

This new product provides a low cost solution for advanced fire and smoke detection in situations where none previously existed. Moving the analytics to the edge of the network magnifies the value of an IP camera network. This shift in technology increases reliability while reducing the amount of data transfers and required storage.

The SigniFire IP™ network camera includes dry contact relays for connection to standard fire alarm panels as well as an Ethernet connection to transfer video and alarm data over the network. SigniFire IP™ provides Video-over-IP feeds using standard compression algorithms including MPEG4 and JPEG to be used in video surveillance applications.

See the SigniFire IP™ detect Flame or Smoke

      True Color Night Vision   

OKSI--True Color Night Vision Cameras. Apollo Smart Camera controls filter and executes OKSI proprietary image processing algorithms.


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